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Known as a committed professional with a track record of consistently demonstrating the desire to inspire others through her work and success, Chika launched the Study Abroad Foundation of the Arts (SAFA) ( with the goal of sharing her experiences and helping the next generation of dreamers. Because Chika knows first-hand how difficult it can be to chase your dreams and passions in a foreign country without truly knowing the language and culture, SAFA, a 501c3 organization, makes the road a little easier through an English and cultural literacy curriculum and extensive study abroad experiences.


The Study Abroad Foundation of the Arts (SAFA) is a 501(c)(3) organization that was formed to create professionally, academically and culturally enriching language learning opportunities and study abroad experiences. Although many of our programs are designed for Japanese participants, our programs have been customized for other markets as well.

With an increasingly globalized world, we feel providing access to overseas experiences can furnish students with an array of skills that can be instrumental for success in their native country as well as on the international stage. At SAFA, we live and labor to provide programming and services that expand academic horizons, enhance professional networks and hone language skills.

We believe the international study abroad experiences we create with a strong network of outstanding educational institutions, incredible innovation and world-class organizations can contribute to an excellent professional foundation for future global leaders.


Danceletics International was conceived when fitness professional, dancer and NBA cheerleader Chika Takai combined her worlds of fitness, dance and cheer together into an innovative program designed specifically for dancers and cheerleaders. As a captain and veteran cheerleader for the NBA Atlanta Hawks, she wanted to improve her ability to perform at the highest level on center court. Even as a life-long, seasoned dancer the infusion of fitness catapulted her abilities to the next level and Danceletics International was born... an intense process of movement, fitness and improved performance for dancers and cheerleaders. The goals were simple:

  1. Create a customizable, on-site innovative program that improves the overall performance level of dancers and cheerleaders by incorporating results-specific fitness and dance technique training with a compliment of choreography.
  2. Merge cheerleading, dance, fitness and music together in a fun, interactive group class format designed for all ages and ability levels.
  3. Design one-on-one online and in-person dance and fitness training programs specifically for dancers, cheerleaders or any individual of any skill level who would like to improve in fitness, dance or both.
  4. Create the only dance tour fusing the three worlds of dance, cheer and fitness training together offering instruction, choreography and education from some of the best in the industry.


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