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Throughout pivotal moments of her life, dance has been therapy and vitality for her mind, body and soul that comes to life not only in her passionate performances but also in her teachings as well. She lives to share her passion as a performer. Her passion for dance, music and culture inspired her to study many forms of dance in addition to her first love of modern dance and hip hop. As a dancer, choreographer, and teacher, her contagious spirit, courage and hard work coupled with her versatility for performing has made her a sought-after talent with a passionate spirit and impressive history of creating art that inspires.

Her passion for dance led her to the Atlanta Hawks for 6 seasons. As a member of the dance team, she has been extremely grateful to receive Rookie of Year and Veteran of the Year honors and the absolute pleasure of being captain of the team. From performing with Ciara during the Super Bowl to countless hours working in the Atlanta community, the Hawks have allowed Chika to grow as a performer and an Atlantan.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Chika for the past 2 years as a member of the Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders as her director. In the time I have known Chika, she has always been motivated as well as dedicated, which shows she is a hard worker and can complete any type of task under any circumstance. Her unique personality, caring nature and positive attitude combined with her leadership skills, make her an outstanding addition to any team or organization.


Senior Manager of Fan Experience & Cheerleading, NBA Atlanta Hawks

Embracing an artistic vision that both respects and challenges traditional and contemporary forms of dance, CHIKA has had an excellent career as a professional HIP HOP Dancer in her home country of Japan as well. Chika shows a level of unbridled passion in her work and performances with many followers and students respecting and looking up to her as a role model. Through her teaching and performing, she has inspired many upcoming young dancers in Japan.


Choreographer, Stage Producer & Studio Director (Studio PRIME)

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