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Chika's journey into fitness is a little different than the typical 'I need to lose weight' transformation story. It was dance that created the perfect segue into fitness. Although dance was her passion, fitness has provided the fuel for her career success. In her quest to be the very best in the industry, fitness has been one of her key competitive advantages. "I am an athlete. And just like athletes in all other sports, fitness training has been invaluable in enhancing my agility, balance and power - all assets required for me to be a tremendous dancer." said Takai.

Her growing love for fitness led her to compete where she became a very successful NPC bikini and WBFF competitor from the start. Just like on center court, the moment she stepped on stage she knew she was home. In her first 2017 competition she placed 1st in NPC Bikini Novice Class and 1st place in the NPC Bikini Overall Novice Division (nationally qualified). Next she took 1st place in the NPC Bikini Open Class and was again the 1st place winner in the NPC Bikini Overall Open Division (nationally qualified again). This journey led her to the WBFF where in her first competition she received her pro card and with one year a top 10 finish in the WBFF's World Competition.

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